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Ktenas Law was founded to help people charged with driving under the influence deal with their legal problems throughout the greater Chicago area. Our attorneys have spent years in the courtroom gaining experience in all types of areas of DUI law. For every case we take, we come up with a plan of attack to handle all of the legal problems our clients face head-on. We work hard on the behalf of our clients to lessen the impact their arrest will have on their life.

What sets our firm apart from others is our years of experience working as prosecutors. We know their strategies, what their policies are, what witnesses they need for your case, what evidence they plan to present against you, and what experts they need to use.

What we learned while working for the prosecution has given us numerous advantages when it comes to protecting our clients. Being charged with a DUI can be a very stressful time and confusing process for someone without the right lawyer. At Ktenas Law, our main priority is to help every client get back to their everyday life. We aim to get our clients achieve the best results possible for their case by utilizing our knowledge of the law, years of experience, and our relationships with prosecutors and judges.

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