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Everybody knows that driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal, yet thousands of people get caught driving while drunk every year. Illinois law enforcement policies are very tough on those who operate a motor vehicle--including snowmobiles and bots as well as trucks, cars, and commercial vehicles--while under the influence of marijuana, alcohol, or other drugs.

At Ktenas Law, our skilled Cook County DUI lawyers understand the severity of just an arrest for drunk driving, much less a DUI conviction. For failing or refusing a blood alcohol content test, you stand to lose your driving privileges for months. If convicted, you could face a potential jail sentence, probation, and heavy fines. If you rely on driving to earn a living, especially if you're a commercial driver's license holder, then a DUI conviction could cause you to lose your job as well.

Fortunately, there are many ways to remedy the situation. With the help of a skilled DUI attorney who works in and understands the laws in Cook County, you could save your license and avoid having a criminal conviction on your permanent record.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer for a DUI?

You know, that if you have been charged with intoxicated driving, you are in the midst of some serious business, with severe consequences. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol influence is a serious criminal charge. Thus, you don't want to try to represent yourself. Also, for this reason, you shouldn't give up and plead guilty to get it over with.

An experienced DUI attorney can be of significant benefit to you. DUI criminal defense lawyers know about how the court system operates and are also up to date on new DUI laws and regulations. Contact our Chicago law office today to schedule a no-cost initial consultation.

The law is a large and complex beast with many, many heads. Not every attorney has the same training, experience, and education to handle all types of cases. Typically an attorney will have more knowledge and experience in one legal practice than in another, so your choice of which type of attorney to hire is critical. Hiring a DUI criminal defense attorney who focuses on drunk driving defense could make a significant difference in the outcome of your DUI case.

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Typically, you need the best lawyer who specializes in DUI with extensive experience tackling cases the same as yours - with a proven track record.  You want to know how many DUI trials the lawyer has handled in the last year. The more cases of DUI the attorney has handled, the more experienced they'll be in DUI defense.

Finding the best local Chicago DUI attorney is critical to get the best outcome for your particular case. Even more so, the more experience the DUI lawyer has with cases similar to yours, the more likely they'll provide you with the best advantage, increasing your odds of success, with or without a court trial.

A Cook County DUI Lawyer filling out forms for court.

Penalties for a DUI Conviction

The criminal penalties in DUI cases are incredibly complex. You can probably lose your driver's license and in many cases may face jail time or even prison. On the other hand, remember intoxicated driving cases also get dismissed, drunk driving charges get reduced, impaired driving punishments get reduced, and sometimes DUI offenders are found not guilty on a consistent basis by DUI lawyers who investigate and who have adequate knowledge and experience. Remember, often DUI cases also get dismissed on simple technicalities with the help of experienced DUI criminal defense lawyers.

The help of a Cook County DUI lawyer is also vital during pre-trial conferences--the negotiations before an actual court trial is set. A DUI attorney will research and use any technical defects they find to build a solid defense strategy, in preparation for either settlement or court trial.

The last step in the court process is an actual trial. Finally, if a criminal trial has been set, the DUI lawyer will take part in the juror selection and typically, stand for and defend you during the actual court trial. Of course, many DUI cases are resolved before they go all the way to a criminal trial.

Remember that if you do proceed to a criminal trial, the prosecution must do more than prove you "may be guilty" - they must prove that you're guilty beyond a reasonable doubt based on hard evidence. So if you're facing a DUI criminal charge, don't give up and don't represent yourself. Remember, if you don't seek skilled Cook County DUI lawyers to protect your legal rights, you may face jail time and other severe consequences.

Can You Get Your License Back After a DUI?

If a driver refuses breathalyzer testing or fails the test, the police officer will immediately issue the driver a license suspension notice. Failing a chemical test results in a six-month license suspension for a first DUI offense; refusal to take the test results in a 12-month license suspension. This is referred to as a statutory summary suspension, and it takes effect on the 46th day from the date of the license suspension notice. DUI offenders are entitled to a judicial hearing to challenge the license suspension, which takes place in the Cook County Circuit Court.

This administrative sanction differs from the criminal penalties you face if convicted of impaired driving. The statutory suspension holds even if you aren't eventually convicted of drunk driving unless a judicial hearing challenge of the license suspension is successful.

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We Can Help You With a DUI Charge

The criminal penalties for impaired driving in Cook County are severe and long-lasting. If you were arrested for drunk driving in Cook County, Lake County, Kane County, Kendall County, Will County, DuPage County, or anywhere in Illinois, our Cook County DUI criminal defense lawyers can help you fight your DUI charges. For a free initial consultation, call Ktenas Law today at 312-800-1626.

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